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You may have heard that the latest release of Reverb is now integrated with Pocket. But did you know you can also save the cool articles your find in Reverb to your Evernote notebooks?  Or to Instapaper, Pinboard.in, or Diigo?

Thanks to these apps’ email features, you’re only a few taps away from saving any Reverb article to these services. Here’s how!


1. Find out your private Evernote email address. On your iPad or iPhone, just open Evernote and check your Account settings (tap on your name). Tap “General” and you should see “Evernote Email Address” heading. Tap it to find your private email address! (On the desktop, click on your name and choose “Account Info”.)

evernote ipad email

2. Since this email is usually a random string of characters, it’s best to add this email address to your address book so that you don’t have to type it over and over again. (Just save as “Evernote”).

3. Then you can use our email share function to send any article you find in Reverb to Evernote!


4. Here’s a link for help with more advanced features of  emailing to Evernote!


1. Log in to your Instapaper.com account.

2. Then visit this link: https://www.instapaper.com/save/email. You should see your “Add Content to Instapaper by Email” address in a blue lozenge on the page.


instapaper email screenshot


3. Add your Instapaper email to your device’s address book.

4. Share from Reverb as shown above!


1. Log in to Pinboard.

2. Visit your settings page to enable adding bookmarks by email (it’s turned off by default).

3. Once you’ve turned the setting on, you’ll see the email address you can use for adding bookmarks.

Email address for Pinboard


4. Add your Pinboard email address to your address book.

5. Share from Reverb as shown above!


1. Sign in to Diigo.

2. Visit this link: https://www.diigo.com/tools/post_by_email

3. Find your Diigo email in this box:Save by email to Diigo


4. Share from Reverb as shown above!


Have another service you’d like us to write about? Email us!


Reverb and Pocket, Together at Last

by Angela Tung  |  Posted August 4, 2014

You spoke and we listened: Reverb is now integrated with Pocket.

Now you can save any article from Reverb to Pocket for offline reading later. You won’t even need an internet connection to read the news that matters to you — from breaking headlines, to personalized news, to stories your friends are sharing.


So what’s next? Just follow these steps:

  • If you haven’t already, download Reverb. The Reverb news app helps you discover the news you want to read and was featured by Apple as a Best New App in 37 countries!
  • Create a Reverb account.
  • Go to your My Profile page and tap Connect to Pocket.

That’s it! Now you can start discovering and saving the stories that you want to read.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the Top Stories of the day. When you find an article you want to send to Pocket, just tap the Share icon on the article, then tap Send to Pocket.

Are there any other features you’d like to see for Reverb? Let us know at feedback AT helloreverb DOT com.


You may have noticed we took a couple of weeks off, but now we’re back with more stories that made us say those three little words.

A Bride Actually Tied Her Baby To Her Wedding Dress Train And Dragged Her Down The Aisle


We had to read this twice to understand what was going on although the headline says it clearly: Shona Carter-Brooks attached her one-month old baby to the train of her wedding dress and dragged said baby down the aisle.

And yet this is still less obnoxious than choreographed wedding processions.

[Photo via BuzzFeed]

Fox News goes full-on ‘fashion police’ on Bowe Bergdahl’s father


In case you don’t know, Bowe Bergdahl is the American POW recently released five years after being captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Multiple controversies have arisen since Bergdahl’s release, from his purported desertion of the army, to the trade of his release for five Taliban prisoners.

Up there with those controversies, at least according to Fox, is Bergdahl’s father’s beard. Robert Bergdahl grew his beard “for the five years his son was a Prisoner of War as a symbol of his loss,” says Death and Taxes. Never mind that! says Fox. He should shave it off or else he’s basically just like the Taliban.

[Photo via Death and Taxes]

Thailand’s junta warns over ‘Hunger Games’ salute


Some protesters in Thailand have adopted the Hunger Games series’ District 12 “three-fingered salute”. In the series the salute began as a show of thanks, love, and respect, especially at funerals, and became a symbol of rebellion.

In a weird example of life imitating art, Thailand’s junta is “monitoring” this silent form of resistance, says Businessweek, “and will arrest those in large groups who ignore warnings to lower their arms.”

[Photo via Quora]

No one knows if this religious leader is dead or meditating


While according to his family he died of a heart attack back in January, the followers of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj claim that he’s not dead and only in “deep meditation,” chilling (so to speak) in his “commercial freezer.”

His wife and son “are filing a court application seeking to have his death confirmed,” says Global Post, “claiming that his followers just want control of his money.”

[Photo via Global Post]

Real Life Mosquito Tornado Is Far More Terrifying Than Sharknado


We were terrified of this mosquinado (only scarier are firenadoes) until we learned the funnel might not be made of mosquitoes but of red locusts. Then we took a gander at some red locusts and changed our minds again.

[Photo via io9]

For even more WTF, check out the whole collection.


What’s Beyond News? Discovery.

by Erin  |  Posted May 21, 2014

This week we’re very happy to announce the launch of our Reverb discover app for iPhone.

We’ve taken the discovery reader experience that we created for the iPad, and made it more stand-in-line-able, while keeping the delightful “what will I find out next?” serendipity that put the iPad version regularly in the top ten for our category in the App Store.

The App Store calls us “news” — and sure, if you want to keep up with the top news of the day, Reverb (and especially the pocket-friendly iPhone version) is a great way to do so. But we call ourselves a discovery reader, rather than a news reader, because Reverb doesn’t stop at news. Reverb wants to pull you past the headlines, past the memes, and past the newest viral whatever, and help reveal to you the related stories and ideas that help you find things that you didn’t even know you wanted to know.


With Reverb, we want to help you discover more. As you read, we’ll note the top concepts from the articles you spend time in, and use those to personalize your My News Word WallTM screen — without you ever having to explicitly “follow” a topic, a person, or a channel. (No checkboxes. No onboarding.)

And as you dive into those personalized interests, we’ll suggest other, related concepts and articles that you might also be curious about.


We’ll also help you discover more of what your friends are sharing — connect Reverb to Twitter or Facebook and we’ll pull just the articles (not the “I’m having the best grilled cheese sandwich EVAR!!!” updates), sort them by concept, so you can easily discover what you find most interesting from your feeds. (“No mo’ FOMO” is our motto.)


Why do we put such a focus on discovery? In short, because context matters. By presenting related stories and concepts we help you build your mental map of the world around the headline. You’ll make associations and draw connections that will deepen your understanding and jolt your creative mind. In short: discovery makes your world richer.

And we’ve found that users of Reverb on the iPad really appreciate our discovery worldview — by clicking through to one of our recommendations almost 20% of the time. (That’s a lot of discovery!)

Go on — download Reverb for iPhone and discover something new today!


The Reverb App for iPhone Is Here!

by Tony Tam  |  Posted May 20, 2014

Exciting news! — the Reverb App for iPhone is now available in the App store.

The same effortless, personalized news that you experienced on the iPad is now available for iPhone. We’re bringing you the most robust content — from breaking headlines, to personalized news, to stories your friends are sharing, all in one place and on the go.

Refined and Focused

We’ve combined the best features from the Reverb App for iPad to create an even more streamlined experience.

Because you rely on your iPhone throughout the day, you need it to be fast and easy to operate in one-hand mode. We’ve worked hard to devise an extremely efficient news reading experience which is also absolutely beautiful to boot. As always, Reverb is flexible and organizes content in an intuitive manner.

The News: Have It Your Way

We know you might want to get your news in different ways, even on a daily basis. Reverb serves up content in three different ways.


Top News. Quickly catch up on what’s happening in the world with articles from trustworthy publishers and news providers. Browse by topics or headlines. You can jump right into what interests you, and get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

My News

My News. My News is all about you. As you read articles, Reverb learns what matters to you and instantly adapts to your interests, giving you a personalized reading experience.

Social News

Social News. By connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can see the stories your friends are sharing. Reverb organizes the articles by topic so you can get a quick view of what your social feeds are all about.

My Profile

Your Profile. Log in or create an account to view the articles, interests, and collections you’ve favorited, and to share them with your friends.

Already Have Reverb for iPad?

First of all, great! Secondly, logging into the Reverb App for iPhone with your iPad account will keep your content perfectly synchronized. Finally, if you’ve created collections in the iPad app, you’ll be able to view these in your iPhone.

See for Yourself

Don’t take our word for it. Visit the iTunes app store and download the Reverb App for iPhone for free today.

Need more convincing? Just look at how much this guy is enjoying his news on the go.


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It’s that time again, kiddies, when we bring you those stories that made us say those three little words: the Week in WTF.

The Most Racist Ice Cream Truck Song Ever


It kind of feels like summer (well not everywhere), but before you start humming the ice cream truck song, you might want to find out exactly what kind of song you’re humming.

According to NPR, the title is “[N-Word] Love a Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha” — and well, there’s nothing else to say, is there?

East coasters will be glad to know it’s not the Mister Softee jingle that’s racist, just annoying.

[Photo via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 by Tim Green]

This Ridiculous Japanese ‘Walking Dead’ Promo Is Better Than The Actual Show


We could barely bring ourselves to watch this cringe-worthy promo but watch it — twice! — we did, just for you. We’re not sure what’s more ridiculous, the outfits, the fans, the fake-stabbing with the arrow (because Daryl’s an archer, get it?), or the fact that the promo looks like it was shot in a hotel room. Either way, it all adds up to WTF.

Related: when The Walking Dead was still being shopped around, an NBC executive apparently told the creators, “‘This is awesome. I really love this. Does it have to have zombies in it?”

[Photo via UPROXX]

$1,200 ‘hand lifts’ are the only thing that could make engagement ring selfies worse


Engagement ring selfies are a thing. Hand “lifts” are also a thing. Put the two together and what do you get? THE END OF HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT.

[Photo via The Daily Dot]

11 Gross Things That Could Be on Your Toothbrush


We didn’t want to know, but then again we did. In short: always close your toilet when you flush.

Illinois Couple Attacked by Men Called “The Miley Cyrus Gang”


We have some questions. One, do they call themselves the Miley Cyrus Gang or is this the name that’s been thrust upon them? Two, when they “start talking about Miley Cyrus” before they pick a fight, what are they saying? Are they casually talking about how Dolly Parton is Cyrus’s godmother (who knew)? Or are they invoking the name of the Sticking-Out-Tongued-One like she’s Cthulhu? And three, WTF?

[Photo via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 by Quint Baker]

Want even more WTF? Check out the whole collection.


It’s that time again, kiddies, when we bring you those stories that made us say those three little words: the Week in WTF.

Me. I am the Internet…The Elusive Troll


So Mariah Carey came out with a new album and the title is, well, interesting. What’s for sure is the internet is having fun meme-fying Mimi’s elusive, chantreusey album title.

[Image via jonsaywhat.tumblr.com]

This Marsupial Has Marathon Sex Until It Goes Blind and Drops Dead


We can always count on Matt Simon at WIRED to give us a creature that makes us say, “Wtf?” Most recently it’s a “tiny hyperactive marsupial” called the antechinus. The antichinus “sprints around mating almost non-stop for an exhausting three weeks, with single romps lasting as long as 14 straight hours.”

We don’t think there’s anything we want to do for 14 hours straight but more power to you, tiny sex fiend.

[Photo via WIRED]

Don’t hate me because I’m — AUGH, MY EYES!


Apparently back in the day, ladies were advised that in order stay beautiful they should bathe in ammonia, stick their eyelids with “a hairpin steeped in lampblack,” and throw soap in their eyes for a sparkling look.

Sparkling, or blind with painful tears.

[Photo: "Vintage Hair Dryer," via Oobject]

The Mystery of a Chinese Theme Park for Dwarfs


So, um, there’s this theme park in Kunming, China called the Kingdom of the Little People. It’s a place where “dwarfs perform song and dance numbers, and other novelty acts, for tourists.”

The author of the Slate article wondered if the performers were happy, and if tourists were “there for the entertainment or simply to gawk at the novelty of the performers.” While the owner of the park asserts “that the park was built to provide employment for the roughly 80 dwarfs employed by the park,” those against the park “argue they are being put on display as a freak show.”

[Photo via Slate]

KFC Double Down Tattoo


If you thought the McDonald’s receipt tattoo was stupid, wait’ll you see the one of that ridiculous chicken “sandwich.”

But we have to admit as far as dumb tattoos go, the KFC Double Down is some nice quality ink.

[Photo via Grubstreet]

Want even more WTF? Check out the whole collection.


It’s that time again, kiddies, when we bring you those stories that made us utter those three little words: the Week in WTF.

Racist Guy explains why Martin Luther King, Jr. would be his BFF


In case you don’t know, Cliven Bundy is a Nevada rancher who has been fighting the United States Bureau of Land Management for the past 20 years “over unpaid grazing fees that eventually developed into an armed confrontation between protesters and law enforcement.”

Bundy became a Tea Party anti-hero — until the rancher, in an interview, referred to blacks as “the Negro,” and wondered if they would have been “better off as slaves.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Bundy went on to conduct another interview during which he 1) held a dead calf; 2) compared himself to “Rosa Park” (you know, the Korean American civil rights activist); and 3) said that Martin Luther King, Jr. wouldn’t have wanted “this prejudice thing” the media put on Bundy.

[Photo via Matt Polidoro]

Big guys in diapers make little guys in diapers cry


Now onto something cuter and slightly less WTF.  Every spring Hiroshima, Japan holds the Nakizumo festival, during which sumo wrestlers do their darndest to make babies cry. Nakizumo, by the way, translates as “crying baby sumo.”

Why? you may be asking. For good luck and good health basically. The word nakizumo is based on the proverb, naku ko wa sodatsu, says The Telegraph, or “crying babies grow fastest.”

The sumo wrestlers make faces, jiggle the babies (not too hard we hope), and shout, “Naki! naki!” (“Cry! cry!”) to make the little ones burst into tears.

[Photo via The Telegraph]

Inside the giant panda research center


Sure, these baby pandas are adorable, but the dudes in panda suits? Not so much.

[Photo via The Guardian]

Sorry, This Hornets’ Nest With A Face Is Going To Haunt Your Nightmares Forever


No, this isn’t some kind of melting wood monster or other Hannibal-esque creation. It’s just a giant hornets’ nest that has “melded” with a wooden statue — A STATUE THAT LOOKS LIKE IT’S SCREAMING IN HORROR.

[Photo via Huffington Post]

Creepy Baby Masks

Photo via List of the Day

Photo via List of the Day

We’re not sure what is about these baby masks that’s so disturbing. That they’re way bigger than any baby head should be? That they’re atop a grown man’s bare-chested body? Whatever the reason, we agree with List of the Day that they are very WTF product.


For even more WTF, check out the whole collection. Also be sure to download Reverb and build your own.


The Week in WTF: The Stowaway Edition

by Angela Tung  |  Posted April 23, 2014

Every day we look for the weird and wonderful, and present it to you in Fun Finds collections. But what about those finds that aren’t so fun? Those stories that made us go WTF?

They get their own weekly blog and collection series, of course: The Week in WTF.

Teen Stowaway Survives Flight to Hawaii Inside Jet Wheel

Photo via NPR

Photo via NPR

The 15-year old (whose name hasn’t been released because he’s a minor) stowed away in the wheel well of a jet last week and somehow survived the five-hour flight from California to Hawaii, “despite lack of oxygen and extremely low temperatures at 38,000 feet,” says Mashable. It seems the teen may have been trying to get to Somalia to be reunited with his mother.

In case you were wondering, you could survive in jet’s wheel well but probably not.

Less Than a Fourth of Jet-Wheel Stowaways Survive—And That’s a Generous Estimate

Photo via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 by futureatlas.com

Photo via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 by futureatlas.com

Just how often do jet-wheel stowaways survive? Not often, says The Smithsonian. According to records beginning in 1947, “96 wheel well stowaways are thought to have attempted to board 85 flights,” and “only 23 of those people survived.”

In other words, splurge for coach.

Computer equipment delivery came with two cute stowaways


Photo via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 by abcrumley

A cable TV employee got an unexpected dose of cute when he opened a box of computer equipment to find two feline stowaways.

Somehow the two-week old kittens, dubbed Mouse and Wi-fi, says The Daily Dot, “got packed away with fiberglass equipment and shipped over 100 miles in a semi-truck from Los Angeles to a warehouse in Chula Vista.” They survived the trip just fine and are being put up for adoption.

Missing Neb. boy, 3, found in toy claw machine

Photo via USA Today

Photo via USA Today

Not quite a stowaway since the claw machine wasn’t going anywhere, but still an admirable feat.

A Nebraska mother came out of the bathroom to discover that her three-year old son was missing. Luckily authorities found him in a bowling alley — well, not just a bowling alley but inside a claw machine in said bowling alley.

He was uninjured and “allowed to keep one of the stuffed toys from the machine.”

Little Girl Crawls Into Claw Machine, Hands Out Free Toys


In more kid-in-a-claw-machine news, a little girl in Fort Lauderdale, Florida not only crawled into a claw machine but handed out free toys to onlookers.

For even more in the Week of WTF, check out the whole collection. Also be sure to build your own collection and tweet it @Reverb with #collections for a chance to win some cool schwag.


The Week in WTF: baby criminals, bee suits, chicken corsages

by Angela Tung  |  Posted April 16, 2014

Every day we look for the weird and wonderful, and present it to you in Fun Finds collections. But what about those finds that aren’t so fun? Those stories that made us go WTF?

They get their own weekly blog and collection series, of course: The Week in WTF.

Baby in Pakistan charged with attempted murder

Photo via The Guardian

Photo via The Guardian

First off, the charges against nine-month-old Musa Khan were dropped earlier this week, but how did they come up in the first place?

Apparently, Musa’s family as a whole had been accused of trying to kill gas company workers who had come to disconnect their house for supposedly not paying their bills. According to The Guardian, “lawyers say it is all too common for police to resort to collective punishment of entire families.”

Musa’s family was also accused of producing “‘the wrong baby’ before the court in order to undermine the police case.”

Japan’s biggest pop star right now is a fetishized hologram

Image via Vocaloid Wiki

Hatsune Miku is nothing more than light, lasers, and a digitally synthesized voice, but she — or rather, “she” — has “1.8 million Facebook followers,” and has been “the face for Google, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton,” says Global Post.

Then again, light, lasers, and digitally synthesized voice aren’t too far off from some human pop stars today.

Chinese farmer wears suit of bees

Photo via The Telegraph

Photo via The Telegraph

In Chongqing it’s called bee bearding, and She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper, bearded a bodysuit made of 456,00 bees to market his honey.

If you think that’s the most bees ever worn by a human, think again: the Guinness World Record is held by Vipin Seth, “who wore more than 600,000 bees.”

Ping was stung “just 20 times,” hopefully not in any of these areas.

Student Uses White Out to ‘Erase’ Test Question She Can’t Answer

Photo via Jezebel

Photo via Jezebel

“Oh shoot, I don’t know the answer to this question. I know! I’ll just White It out. It’ll be like it never existed.”

KFC is selling a chicken corsage for prom


Because nothing says romance like a wristful of greasy chicken bits.

For even more in the Week of WTF, check out the whole collection. Also be sure to build your own collection and tweet it @Reverb with #collections for a chance to win some cool schwag.