Week in WTF: baby-dragging bride; Thailand bans ‘Hunger Games’ salute; mosquinado

You may have noticed we took a couple of weeks off, but now we’re back with more stories that made us say those three little words.

A Bride Actually Tied Her Baby To Her Wedding Dress Train And Dragged Her Down The Aisle


We had to read this twice to understand what was going on although the headline says it clearly: Shona Carter-Brooks attached her one-month old baby to the train of her wedding dress and dragged said baby down the aisle.
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What’s Beyond News? Discovery.

This week we’re very happy to announce the launch of our Reverb discover app for iPhone.

We’ve taken the discovery reader experience that we created for the iPad, and made it more stand-in-line-able, while keeping the delightful “what will I find out next?” serendipity that put the iPad version regularly in the top ten for our category in the App Store.

The App Store calls us “news” — and sure, if you want to keep up with the top news of the day, Reverb (and especially the pocket-friendly iPhone version) is a great way to do so. But we call ourselves a discovery reader, rather than a news reader, because Reverb doesn’t stop at news. Reverb wants to pull you past the headlines, past the memes, and past the newest viral whatever, and help reveal to you the related stories and ideas that help you find things that you didn’t even know you wanted to know.
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The Week in WTF: The Stowaway Edition

Every day we look for the weird and wonderful, and present it to you in Fun Finds collections. But what about those finds that aren’t so fun? Those stories that made us go WTF?

They get their own weekly blog and collection series, of course: The Week in WTF.

Teen Stowaway Survives Flight to Hawaii Inside Jet Wheel

Photo via NPR

Photo via NPR

The 15-year old (whose name hasn’t been released because he’s a minor) stowed away in the wheel well of a jet last week and somehow survived the five-hour flight from California to Hawaii, “despite lack of oxygen and extremely low temperatures at 38,000 feet,” says Mashable. It seems the teen may have been trying to get to Somalia to be reunited with his mother.

In case you were wondering, you could survive in jet’s wheel well but probably not.
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