Reverb Collections Madness…And a Contest!


In case you missed it, we recently launched Reverb collections, a quick and easy way for you to collect articles on your favorite topics, share them with friends, and, via Reverb’s recommendations, to deepen your knowledge and discover even more.

We here at Reverb are so excited about collections, we decided, in the spirit of March Madness, to hold our own collection-making tournament.

Here’s how it worked: in 30 minutes we made as many collections as we could about anything we wanted, and then tweeted those collections with the hashtag #collections.

Out of the 30 collections that were created, an Elite 8 were selected:

And here’s how it played out:


And the top four winners in non-bracket format:

Congratulations to all the winners!

But that’s not all. In addition to votes, another prize was available for whomever’s collection was retweeted by an account with at least 10,000 followers. The first winner was —


Thanks for retweeting Chiao’s tweet, mass_writer! The second winner was —


Thanks Miel Van Opstal! And congratulations to Chiao and Ivan!

Now it’s your turn. On the theme of what March Madness means to you — spring cleaning frenzy? cuckoo weather? or hey even sports? — create a Reverb collection and tweet it, making sure to include the hashtag #collections. Every Friday we’ll pick our favorite and award the creator with some lovely Reverb schwag!

What are you waiting for? Download Reverb today and start collecting!

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